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Brian Giberson

Brian Giberson of indigo lights


Brian Giberson has been a professional artist his entire life. His artistic journey has taken him through a wide variety of art forms. Brian has worked as a freelance illustrator, a computer artist, an animator, an art director and head of the sculpture department for a major game company, a metal smith, and a jeweler. Most recently his focus has been as a mixed media painter and digital artist.


The occasional organic shift to a different artistic approach reinvigorates the art he produces. Each previous art form has complimented the next, creating a synergy of techniques and perspectives.


Brian is largely self taught, and has honed his passion for art through a lifetime of reflection, close observation, and experimentation that continues today. Not being satisfied working within the comfort zone of what he knows, he is perpetually pushing his artistic boundaries outward.


Brian has taught portrait sculpture, a variety of jewelry techniques, and glass fusing at the Irvine Fine Art Center in Irvine, CA.


He is co-founder of Indigo Lights, a jewelry design company, where he collaborates with his wife Sheri Cohen, creating one of a kind art jewelry.


His work has been featured in books, magazines, and is in hundreds of homes and private collections.



Artist Statement

Being an artist is not just what I do, it is who I am. The creation of objects of beauty and reflection is my highest calling and is what I believe I'm truly meant to do. I feel most alive and in tune with the world when I'm communing with the piece I am currently working on, breathing life into it, until it has a heartbeat of its own.


I strive to create art that feels as if it activates something in the viewer, like a slowly revealed puzzle, or an invitation to a dream. Like dreams, we are moved even when, or perhaps because, we do not understand them on a conscious level.


I want my art to be an open-ended interpretation that has room for the viewer to bring their own associations and life experiences. The completion of my artwork is when the viewer personalizes the narrative, and closes the circle. In that place, we share a moment together. It is art to reflect on - art to dream on.


Each creation is the end result of a journey. I feel privileged to have a life devoted to creation and the exploration of the interior realms of imagination, thought, and introspection. I thank you for your support, and hope you enjoy traveling with me.

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