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Mixed Media Artwork

Here are some pictures of past artwork.


Thank you to all my collectors. I'm honored you've chosen to make my art part of your home.

My painting techniques are nontraditional. I have a fondness for incorporating natural processes such as evaporation, erosion, and oxidization. How paint moves, dries, and interacts with different surfaces is important to me. I do a lot of experimentation to understand what is happening chemically so I can recreate these techniques for later use. I often find myself inventing a new tool or process to achieve the effect I wish to accomplish. I find not being bound by traditional painting methods gives me the freedom to experiment.


I love to work with textured surfaces. When I start, I think of the first stage as purely sculptural. I build up the surface on the canvas or wood with a combination of different materials that create a visually compelling topography. It is rare for me to work on a purely flat surface. I find adding texture changes how a the eye moves over the surface of a creation. It introduces a sculptural effect that creates shadows, ridges and plateaus. This alters the mood as light moves across the surface. Viewing a textured image from across the room can trigger one set of interpretations, while up close new mysteries can be revealed. These interpretations can change over time giving the viewer ever new perspectives.

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