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Hearts Of Humanity

This series celebrates six noble aspects of the human heart.







The Warrior Heart
inspires our heroic nature.
It calls to all that is true and honorable,
to preserve, protect, and defend.


The Guardian Heart
is the defender of noble ideals.
It guards honor and integrity,
keeping them safe,
until they are ready to be heard.


The Passionate Heart
sings with an exuberant
intensity of feeling,
of the joy of life
and love.


The Healing Heart
holds a spirit,
strained almost to breaking
by hurt, indifference, and pain,
binding it, until it is made whole again

The Heart of Invention
inspires creativity,
innovation, and progress.
It holds the best of humanity’s vision,
to reshape the world.

The Clockwork Heart
brings order to a chaotic world.
It creates purpose and clarity.
It supports the path to accomplishment,
with intellect and precision.

The prints are 300 dpi, a much higher resolution then can be displayed on the computer. The image is much crisper and more detailed then the listed picture. It is professionally printed on high quality photo paper.

This series is only availible in the 11 x 14 size with the poetry included in the art.

All the heart images are also available on etsy in the 8 x 10 size without any writing.


These sizes are a standard premade frame size. This allows for easily found and inexpensive framing options.

Click the etsy button below to be connected to our print sales store.

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