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This series showcases personifications of six elusive concepts.


I am Liberty
I am the light of freedom
I guide the quill as well as the sword
from a body of nations to a single soul
I am the silent battlecry of your heart
I am Liberty

I am The Green Man
I am the heart of the silent forest
My voice is of leaves and wind
In moonlight I walk among the trees
Watching, overseeing, protecting
I am The Green Man

I am Fate
I am the clockwork of the heavens
I dance with precision
to a tune you’ve never heard before
but remember the moment you hear it
I am Fate

I am Alchemy
I am the becoming
I am the ritual, the extraction, and the essence
I am the lead, the gold, the sulfur,
and the one perfect stone
I am Alchemy

I am Time
I am the sand in the hourglass
I am the ticking of your heart
I can be measured but never hoarded
Use me wisely
I am Time

I am Protection
I am the watchtower, the bell, and the light
I am the stone wall, and the sealed gate
With my back to the fire
I watch while you sleep
I am Protection

The prints are 300 dpi, a much higher resolution then can be displayed on the computer. The image is much crisper and more detailed then the listed picture. It is professionally printed on high quality photo paper.

The 8 x 10 and 11 x 14 sizes are a standard premade frame size. This allows for easily found and inexpensive framing options.

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